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Cachet is a consulting firm with expertise in disruptive innovation and strategic transformation. We enable organisations to grow, evolve and innovate for the future. We use Innosight’s best in class methodology and IP tailored specifically for an emerging markets setting. We empower leaders to embrace uncertainty and define a blueprint to chart a new growth trajectory. Our ‘do what it takes’ approach has enabled companies to create transformative growth in sectors as diverse as Dairy, F&B, Healthcare and Digital Platforms.

Cachet is an offshoot of Innosight and is headed by Venky Sridharan, who led the Innosight consulting team in India before making a transition to Cachet.

Innosight is a global strategy and innovation consulting firm and the leading authority on disruptive innovation. Innosight collaborates with companies to devise growth strategies, build innovation capabilities, and create products and services that improve people’s lives.

Create Growth

Envision the future, re-imagine markets and opportunities using the lens of disruptive innovation. Go beyond traditional market research to identify whitespace and target unmet needs. Build competitive advantage through winning business models. Manage core and new ventures to achieved balanced growth.

Build Innovation

Acquire an innovation toolkit for your business via highly targeted and customized innovation workshops. Learn by doing through Action Learning Projects. Evaluate the state of innovation via detailed innovation audits and revitalize innovation across the organization using the best-in-class Growth Factory approach.

Pilot and Scale
New Businesses

Test and evolve key elements of business models via systematically designed pilots. Invest with confidence in a new venture after validating critical assumptions. Our experience ranges from prototypes and mock versions of products to full blown operational pilots involving entire companies, products, customers and brands.

Create or expand
Presence in india

With 1.3 billion people and a 350 million strong consuming middle class, India is a massive market. Yet, it is also a complex mosaic of sub-markets – many Indias exist within the monolith that appears to be the subcontinent. Our work provides you with a clear growth blueprint that can lead to real business results, far beyond a slide deck or a market report.

Cachet uses the best-in-class Innosight IP for growth through innovation, which is rooted in the groundbreaking concepts pioneered by the Innosight co-founder, the renowned author and Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen as well as other well known Innosight partners like Scott Anthony.

Cachet’s expertise lies in tailoring this IP for an emerging market setting; we have vast experience in applying these on projects across industries and sectors. Our capabilities run the gamut of what it takes to generate growth through innovation - Market Discovery, Business Model Innovation, In Market Pilots, New Venture creation, Innovation Capability Building and Smart Resourcing.

Our experience spans cardiac care in Kerala, dairy farms deep in rural Uttar Pradesh, studying small business use of cloud based IT solutions in Punjab and evaluating unmet needs of unorganized retail in Madhya Pradesh. Our work in hospital transformation with a major IT client led to positive feedback from the Indian prime minister, Sri Narendra Modi, in his Independence Day speech on August 15, 2016.

Whatever your growth challenge or aspiration in India, it is likely Cachet can draw on its experience and give you a unique perspective to drive it to its fullest potential.


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Imagine. Collaborate. Create

If helping companies grow ignites your passion, exploring opportunities at Cachet can help you chart a career path like no other.

For aspiring consultants, if you have a solid business education & background, the smarts to quickly understand any industry or sector and the ability to build on that through deeper work and experience – we want to hear from you. You need to have the ability to work independently or in a team, take ownership and be able to present in a boardroom if needed.

For domain experts and creative types – we are always looking to hear from talented thinkers and doers with a strong drive to convert dreams into reality.


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